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Latest Financial Trends & Updates

David Booth on Forecasting

Every year there is somebody on one of the talk shows who will say, "Next year is going to be a stock pickers market. You're going to have to be selective." For the 37 years we (Dimensional Fund Advisors) have been in business, it has never turned out to be the case.

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2018 Year in Review

2018 was an exciting year for the Hoole family. With the kids getting older, we found ourselves spending a lot of time at the playground, riding bikes, and looking for activities to keep the kids busy and burn off extra energy.

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Don’t Forget About Open Enrollment

Open enrollment on the other hand happens every year, and anyone can make a change to their benefits during this period. This presents a great opportunity for employees to review their benefits to make sure they are providing value based on the cost of coverage.

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