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Financial Planning for All of Life’s Transitions

Secure A better future

Select from our service options based on your needs:

open retainer

Wealth Management 

Adapting to You and Your Needs

A Wealth Management Agreement is the most comprehensive package we offer at Lakeside Financial Planning which includes both ongoing financial planning and investment management. While under agreement, you can meet or speak with us as often as you like without facing any additional fees. We’ll cover all aspects of your financial life from retirement planning to taxes to investment allocations and more. To simplify things, we’ll break your financial plan down into small parts with each meeting covering a specific topic. After our meeting, you’ll receive an outline with detailed instructions on any outstanding items. We offer phone, virtual, and live meetings to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Our clients typically have investments of $750,000 or more, or household income greater than $200,000 per year.     

The minimum annual fee is $10,000.

Investable Assets (includes held away accounts such as 401k's)Fee Amount
First $1 million1.00%
Next $1 million ($1M - $2M)0.60%
Next $2 million ($2M - $4M)0.40%
Amounts over $4 million0.30%

investment management

Investment Management 


Our Investment Management services are designed for those seeking professional management of their retirement portfolio and/or taxable brokerage account. With this option, we will meet once per year to discuss your goals and work together to determine your tolerance for risk. Then we’ll develop an Investment Policy Statement that clearly defines the investment objectives and policies of your portfolio. Your portfolio will be regularly monitored and re-balanced annually or as needed based on changing goals or shifting market conditions. 

Our Investment Management services are suitable for individuals with at least $200,000 to invest.

Assets Under ManagementAnnual FeeQuarterly Fee
First $500,000$3,000$750
Next $500,000 ($500k - $1M)1.00%0.25%
Next $1 million ($1M - $2M)0.60%0.15%
Next $2 million ($2M - $4M)0.40%0.10%
Amounts over $4 million0.30%0.075%

financial snapshot review

Financial Snapshot Review

Take the Reins with DIY Financial Planning

A Financial Snapshot Review is a one-time engagement designed for do-it-yourselfers looking for recommendations on specific financial questions. The Review consists of a two-hour assessment of three to five financial planning topics selected in advance by the client. Popular topics include, but are not limited to; retirement planning, asset allocation strategies, social security & pension optimization, and college funding recommendations. During our meeting we will re-confirm your “most pressing” financial planning questions and get to work answering them. You will leave the appointment and within a week you will receive a written report that summarizes the findings, recommendations, and steps to take to reach your goals.

Plan ComplexityFee Amount

A complete listing of our Table of Fees for Service as required per 950 MASS. CODE REGS. 12.205(8) can be viewed here.