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Latest Financial Trends & Updates

COVID Cash Flow

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on Americans. The year started off great with the stock market hitting record highs in February and the unemployment rate near record lows. However, with the global spread of the virus, 23 million Americans lost their jobs in April and unemployment rates soared to the highest they’ve been since the Great Depression.

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COVID-19 Safety Policies & Procedures

Lakeside Financial Planning (LFP) wants to let you know that we are here to support you during this difficult period. Rest assure, we still are fully operational, and have always been, from a remote perspective.

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2019 Year in Review

The kids are growing fast and exploring new activities. Carsyn “retired” from both karate & gymnastics and is now heavily involved in a dance program that includes ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Meanwhile Brody continues to enjoy gymnastics and is excited to start ski lessons in January.

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Auto Buying 101

Pay close attention to the cost of the vehicle rather than the monthly payment as there are lots of games the dealer can play to charge you more while lowering your monthly payment.

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