5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Keep On Giving


With Mother’s Day on the horizon, you may be scrambling around to find the perfect gift for mom. While none of the gifts below can be tucked in a card or fit into a box, they all will touch mom’s heart in one way or another. Following these simple steps will make mom proud and keep her happy for years to come.

1. Start Saving Early – Most of us have probably heard mom repeat the old adage that a penny saved is a penny earned. While saving pennies today won’t get you far (a Venti Latte at Starbucks will cost you four hundred and fifteen), saving dollar bills will. If you saved a dollar per day from the time you were 10 years old until you reach 16.5 years old, you could have almost $3,100*. While this won’t buy you a new BMW, it could go a long way towards purchasing that used Toyota Camry your neighbor is selling.

2. Finish Your Degree – On average, college graduates earn about a million dollars more over their lifetimes than high school graduates. In fact, the average salary for a 2016 college graduate has soared to over $50,000, while high school graduates are treading around $35,000. Higher earnings typically allow us to become financial independent earlier in life. Becoming independent will ease mom’s financial burden and allow her to focus on own needs such as a trip to the salon or a relaxing massage.

3. Pay Your Student Loans – If mom was nice enough to co-sign on your student loans, missing a payment or making a late payment could adversely affect her credit. This could prevent mom from qualifying for a home equity line to update the kitchen or from purchasing that condominium in Florida she’s been dreaming about for the last few years. Set up the auto pay function on your student loans to ensure your payments are always made in full and on time.

4. Do What You Love – Above all, mom wants to see you happy. Choosing a career in a field that interests and excites you will inherently lead to a happier and more rewarding life. Focusing your time and efforts on something you are truly good at will allow you to fully realize your unique abilities and add more value to the world.

5. Pay It Forward – As a young child it’s incomprehensible to understand how giving can be more rewarding that receiving. However; as we age and mature, the gratification from helping someone else far outweighs the rewards of receiving a tangible gift. Make mom proud by choosing a cause that you are passionate about and start giving back. There are lots of ways you can give back whether it be a simple monetary donation, giving physical goods, volunteering your time, sharing special skills, or by recruiting others to help.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all mom’s love flowers. Stop by your local florist and pick up a flower bouquet or mixed floral arrangement. And don’t forget the card! Here’s to wishing all the moms out there a joyous mother’s day.


*Using an 8% interest rate, compounded monthly.

College Savings Plan Seminar – 9/21/16

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There are a myriad of options that exist when it comes to college savings plans; however, not all plans are created equal. In this workshop you will learn the pros and cons of each savings plan and why a simple bank account in your child’s name is probably not a good location for their college savings. Learn how to legally shelter your assets so you can qualify for the most financial aid. And for those of you that think “I have plenty of time”, we will talk about why it’s so hard to “catch-up” later in life and the benefits of saving early. Before you walk out the door you’ll learn how and where you can start a college savings account for as little as $15/month.

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Tip of the Week – Keep College Savings in Your Name

Keep College Savings in Your Name

Parents often start a college savings account in their child’s name because it’s the intuitive thing to do. After all, it’s the child that will be attending college, not the parent. Unfortunately there can be adverse consequences to this arrangement particularly as it relates to financial aid. When applying for financial aid, 20% of the assets in the student’s name are taken into consideration, however only 5.6% of the parental assets are considered. This means that an account with $3,500 in the child’s name will reduce the students financial aid the by same amount as a parental account with $12,500 would. Take the time to properly title college savings assets under your name, it could result in your college bound child receiving a much larger financial aid award.